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GDScript 4.0 Intro: Introduction to game creation with Godot 4.0 GDScript

de Marijo Trkulja

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  • Godot
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GD Script is a Godot game engine script for game development. A developer can make 2D games, 3D games, or applications based on the control scene environment.

Godot (in ver.4.0) is free to download from the Godot website. You can download it for different platforms. The game engine is only 50—megs(download) in size.

Marijo Trkulja is an author with experience teaching computer science-based courses and topics. He worked in many computer schools, and lately, he teaches via online teaching platforms. Most of his classes are the Slavs Make Games courses and tutorials.

In this book, you will learn basic concepts of GD Script from the start, and you will get more advanced knowledge after it. Examples and exercises to test your knowledge are essential parts of the book. All GD script in the book is tested with the Godot ver 4.0.1 and ver 3.5 game engine.

You can learn from video lessons too. Classes are on the net with "Slavs Make Games" titles. I wish you all the best in your exploration of Godot GD Script.


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